Gospel Sing History

History of Gospel SIng


    The Indian Creek Baptist Church Annual Memorial Day Weekend Gospel Singing was developed around the focus of "Loving - Caring - Reaching." The members of Indian Creek Baptist Church are hard working, fun loving, and forever friendly as they seek to serve Jesus Christ.

    At the beginning of 2000 the church incorporated the "Experiencing God Bible Study" (written by Henry Blackably and Claude King) into their educational program. During this Bible study several church members began to notice what God was doing in their community and wanted to join Him in His work. Together with their pastor, they began to pray and ask God's will in confirming the plan of having a Gospel singing event that would let the surrounding community know God loved them-and that they did, also.
   On April 30, 2000, the Good News Trio from LaGrange, Ga., came for a Sunday evening worship concert. Another person, Leslie Chastain, also attended that evening and together, Mr. Chastain and the church began to follow the leadership of the Lord in starting the Memorial Day Weekend Gospel Singing.
   There are many amazing stories of how God has supplied the workers and the resources to getting the event to where it is today. Leslie worked tirelessly in selecting the talent and promoting this event to make it one of the largest outdoor Gospel concerts held each Memorial Day weekend.
   There have been many individuals and singing groups that have, at their own expense, conducted personal television or radio appearances and handed out literally thousands of promotional flyers on behalf of the event. In recent years, Indian Creek Baptist Church has invited local businesses to help defray the expenses through an advertising campaign, enabling the event to offer first-rate talent for reasonable admission. The singing groups continue to present the good news of the Gospel in tremendously talented ways, and people have given generously in an effort to show support and appreciation for the ministry of Southern Gospel music.
   God has a way of doing the unexpected, and Indian Creek Baptist Church has taken advantage of His blessings. During the first year, the food concessions selection at the Gospel singing was limited and the preparation facility was very primitive. However, after that event was over, a small profit was realized and the church decided to put all of the revenue towards mission trips and projects. It was because of wise planning and dedicated workers that the concessions area has developed into a first-rate operation with notable acclaim. Prices are intentionally kept low to help guests enjoy an inexpensive musical experience. Fresh Fried Apple Pies have become an icon for the event but the focus is still in reaching lost people, and each year Indian Creek Baptist Church has used the profit of the food concessions to conduct missionary work around the world.
   Indian Creek Baptist Church has sent numerous mission teams to El Salvador, Bolivia, Ukraine, Jamaica, Bangladesh, and Zambia. On every occasion the Gospel has been presented and Bibles or other evangelistic literature distributed. Literally hundreds of people have prayed to receive Jesus Christ. Adding to this joy, several people have been saved and encouraged to serve the Lord during the Gospel singing itself.
   After the 2008 singing Leslie Chastain felt guided by the Lord to step down from his role in the event. The church has prayed, pulled together and is determined to press on to build upon the foundation previously laid. This year's lineup is a mixture of both new and returning talent, including some of Southern Gospel music's most legendary names. Danny Jones of the Singing News Magazine has agreed to emcee.
The family of Indian Creek Baptist Church invites you to join them in continuing this great ministry of "Loving - Caring - Reaching."